How adding Soy to your diet can promote health, weight loss and more energy

Substituting soy products in place of high fat and cholesterol laden items is becoming increasingly popular in the Western Hemisphere. For centuries, soy has been a staple of Eastern culture and diet because of its health benefits and now those secrets are being incorporated into our meals. Soy can be used in a variety of dishes and can be found on both the breakfast and dinner tables, let’s discuss the benefits of soy!

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Adding soy into your daily diet can promote health and weight loss. Some of the more popular health benefits from soy include:

-Soy aids in lowering cholesterol
-Soy promotes breast health
-Soy promotes colon and prostate health
-Soy aids in the prevention of uterine cancer
-Soy aids in the prevention of heart disease
-and so much more!

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When eating soy for its health benefits, it is best to incorporate it into a diet along with some of your other favorite foods. Eating too much soy or getting your primary intake of soy from soy pills is far less effective than incorporating it with a sensible diet. As soy rises in popularity, more and more recipes are being created to incorporate this wonder food! Soy can be mixed with vegetables, grains, fruits and fish to create unique and palatable dishes. Some creative recipes to highlight soy include soy milk smoothies with fresh fruit or pudding made with soy milk. Another popular option for cooking with soy is to use soy powder. This is a tasteless powder which can be added to stews, soups, cookies or anything else that you are making; the possibilities reach as far as your imagination!

Using soy in conjunction with a weight loss plan can have some amazing health benefits and you are sure to see some fantastic results. Many people are using soy protein rather than meat for its nutritional value and weight loss benefits. Soy protein is different than other proteins in many ways. One benefit of soy is that it gives you a feeling of fullness so you snack less. Soy proteins are low in carbohydrates and have a low glycemic index which is healthier than traditional forms of sugars which may cause spikes in blood sugar. This is important because it means less eating between meals and less unhealthy cravings. This is great for diabetics who really need to watch their sugar intake.

By replacing energy draining sugars and fats with soy products, you will greatly increase your energy levels and improve the quality of your life! Foods with high fat content and high carbohydrate levels will give you a quick energy boost but will soon leave you feeling drained and sluggish. By replacing these unhealthy ingredients with soy milk, soy powder, and other soy components, you will immediately feel energized and healthier than before.

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As you can see, the benefits of soy are varied and abundant! Using soy to supplement your diet and as a weight loss aid will increase your chances of dieting success and increase your health and wellness!

The idea of fasting is very daunting to most people. The thought of going without food for any significant length of time quickly dismisses the idea of fasting from most people’s minds. If you can change the way you think about a fast and try to see the health benefits of fasting then you will surely promote weight loss and wellness within your body and its metabolic processes.

What is Fasting?

Quite simply, fasting is going without food for a length of time so that the body may use up its stores of glucose and begin the detoxifying process. Some may choose to fast for one day and some may choose to fast for upward of thirty days, the choice is personal and tailored for one’s own purposes or beliefs. Some people will practice water only fasting and some will practice a juice only fast. For satisfying the goals of weight loss and detoxifying, water only fasting works quicker and is more effective than a juice only fast.

What are the Benefits of Fasting?

There are many benefits of fasting! Fasting has been a way of life in many cultures since the beginning of time. Many alternative treatments involve fasting and have proven extremely helpful in alleviating many medical ailments. Some health problems which can be improved by fasting include:

Crohns Disease
Chronic Headaches
Degenerative Arthritis
Heart Disease
Ulcerative Colitis
Uterine Fibroids
…and many more!

Animals naturally stop eating when they feel sick and often we “lose our appetites” when we are ill. This is a normal response which signifies the need to lets our bodies detoxify and repair. Our systems are overloaded with toxins from the food and drink we consume and the pollution in the air and our unhealthy environments.

How Does Fasting Work?

Fasting allows the body to have a much needed rest from consumption. By not ingesting glucose, the cells in your body constrict which forces contaminants which are “glued” to them to loosen. Then, the next time you eat and drink, the unwanted materials are flushed from the system. The result is a detoxified system and some weight loss; the longer the fast, the greater the immediate results.

What is a One Day Fast?

During a 24 hour fast, the body begins to detoxify and lose weight, usually you will lose one pound per day of a fast with the bulk of the weight loss coming from sodium and water during the beginning stages of the fast. Consistently fasting for 24 hours, one or two days per week, will promote wellness and weight loss.

Should I Fast Even if I Don’t Have Any Medical Problems?

Absolutely! Fasting is a natural process and as long as you have proper medical supervision, it can promote healing from within. Some common benefits which can be seen by anybody include:

Increased energy
Decreased anxiety
Healthy teeth, skin and gums
Improved sleep
Reduced aches and pains
Healthy blood pressure
Regular bowl movements
Improved digestion
Weight loss
…and much, much more!

The benefits of a one day fast long surpass the dangers of it. Although it seems difficult, it is well worth the effort in the long run. If you begin your 24 hour fast after dinner, half of your fast will occur while you are sleeping, making it a much easier path to follow. Finish your fast with dinner the following night and you will see how truly easy a one day fast can be! This will lead you to a longer fast. Fasting will detoxify your lungs, brain, cells, and all other organs. It will aid in weight loss. It will clear your thinking. It will promote wellness and begin to heal your ailments. With proper supervision you can extend your one day fast to 36 or 48 hours which will increase your results.

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For many people, losing weight is one of the hardest things that one can possibly do. Conventional weight loss techniques are extremely difficult to stick with, as many require a hefty amount of exercise, as well as an extremely limited diet. Those who have a hard time sticking with a diet or exercise program often experience burnout after only a short period of time, only to find themselves right back where they started. One of the most important things one can do in order to lose weight is to explore other options when traditional weight loss techniques are not doing the trick. By supplementing a healthy diet and exercise with Fullbar products, it is possible to lose weight without feeling any negative effects.

Eat Until You're Full - Fullbar.comOne of the main reasons why people have a hard time losing weight is because they feel uncomfortable from being hungry “all the time.” This often happens to people who are used to eating a lot of food within a days time who, overnight, cut out more than half of the calories they normally take in on a daily basis. Naturally, this can cause the body to feel a bit out of whack. Some people are able to deal with this feeling of imbalance; however, many people find that it is simply too much for them to handle. For those who cannot keep with a diet because they often feel hungry, Fullbar products can help to make a diet and exercise regimen more tolerable.

The way Fullbar products work is actually very straightforward. Each Fullbar product is rich in protein. While many people think that calories are the only way to fill up, the fact is that protein can actually help you to feel fuller longer without taking in too many extra calories. In other words, Fullbar products are both good for you and good at keeping your hunger at bay.

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There are Fullbar products for everyone, no matter how you like to eat. For those who wish to use Fullbar products as a way to supplement an exercise program, there is nothing better than Fullbar Fit. If you are trying to cut snacking on things like potato chips, Fullbites are the perfect alternative. The most important thing to remember is that Fullbar products can help you to feel full while not filling your body with empty calories or artificial ingredients.

Most people find that losing weight is far easier when they actually feel full. More often than not, people break their diets because they cannot handle the negative sensations of feeling hungry. Fullbar products can help you to feel full longer, so that you don’t need to reach for that next meal just to satisfy a craving. By introducing more protein to your diet, you can remain full without having to rely on sugar in order to fuel your metabolism.

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By combining a healthy diet and exercise regimen with Fullbar products, you can drastically increase your chances of losing weight and keeping it off for long periods of time.

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