The Zone diet has been made popular by Dr. Barry Sears, a biochemist, throughout a series of his books. The diet operates in calorie restriction, adequate protein intake, moderate carbohydrates, essential fats and nutrients, all split into three meals and two snacks throughout the day. The purpose of the diet is to promote the regulation of the metabolism to an optimum level of functioning by balancing the hormones. These hormones are insulin and glucagon, which are related to glucose levels in the body. The diet’s recommended intake is as follows – carbohydrates 40%, proteins 30%, and fats 30%.

The Zone diet recommends eating foods with good cholesterol while limiting saturate fats. Other recommendations include eight glasses of water a day, light exercise, eating with moderation, soy products, and restriction of carbs that are high in glycemic content making this a very easy diet to follow.

Lose the Weight with the Zone Diet
The division of the proteins throughout the day is key, and must be followed accordingly. The proper ratios of caloric restrictions, spacing of meals and the inclusion or exclusion of certain types of foods are also key to the success of the diet.

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By achieving a balance between caloric intake, rate, type of foods, and timing, the body will learn how to balance insulin levels to promote the better function of the metabolism. Before starting any diet plan, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. Ask about special dietary needs that you might have, dietary supplements, length of the diet, and other questions that may be specific to your health condition.

No fad diets - just real food, and real results.Throughout his books, Dr. Barry Sears, approach the concept of illnesses that are promoted by inappropriate eating and unhealthy lifestyles patterns, and gives examples of people that have succeeded by taking the Zone diet to heart. The diet intends for the body to work at its metabolic peak by consuming the right diet and adequate ratios of foods. Instead of cutting calories, eating the right kind of calories makes the difference. Many foods that are prohibited on other diets are fine in this one, for example, high fat ice cream, but it is all related to caloric content rate and distribution. Size, age, and activity level of a person will determine the amounts of proteins and fats to consume.

Dr. Sears spent fifteen years of work and research to develop the Zone diet. The diet is based on his knowledge and results, as a biochemist. He says that food becomes a system to control hormones. By controlling the hormones the metabolism and body reaches it optimum level of performance.

There are many cookbooks dedicated to the Zone diet, including Dr. Sears’ books. Many easy to make recipes make it easy for a person to follow the diet. These recipes include salads, meat, poultry, seafood, pastas, burgers and sandwiches, pies, pizzas, snacks, tortillas, pancakes, pitas, quiche, eggs, vegetables, tofu, appetizers, soups, desserts, beverages, and much more. Many of the foods are foods that we might think of them as bad choices; however, it is on the ratio, and meal spacing, as well as type of calories that the diet makes use of these foods. It is important to follow Dr. Sears recommendations when putting together a meal plan, in order for it to work properly and as intended.

Lose 10 or more pounds in a month, and Feel Great while you lose the weight. Unlike other diets, you actually FEEL good while you follow The Zone!

The importance of following the balance that the diet requires will ensure that a person achieves the results. Many people have tried the method and achieve the desired results, many mentioned in Dr. Sears’ books. By following his method, a person can achieve a level of health and functioning conducive to weight loss and healthy living without giving up a lot of the foods that you already consume. This can be a win win diet for you.

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